Eagles Nest Winery Medals Again at 2010 New York Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

The prestigious 10th annual Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (FLIWC), was held at the Rochester Plaza Hotel & Conference Center 27-28 March 2010. FLIWC is the world’s third-largest commercial competition, and largest on the east coast.

The 2010 competition featured a record number of entries 3,010 wines from over 666 International and National wineries from all 50 states including 105 from New York state.

This year Eagles Nest Winery’s entries went beyond our Port-styled dessert wines (which were all medalists in last year’s FLIWC competition) and entered our 2007 still wines. This year we won five Gold, Silver & Bronze medals. See FLIWC 2010 competition results Click here!

Presently 100% of our 2007 & 2008 releases of estate wines are medalists, and  nearly 90% of our total 2007 & 2008 releases are medalists in highly credible National/ International and Regional wine competitions since last year.

The distinguished the panel of fifty-six judges hailing from from 10 countries and 5 continents, and 10 states included educators and winemakers, distributors and restaurateurs.

The charity fund raising event has earned International acclaim as one of the most prestigious wine competitions on the east coast. It was created by wine aficionado Peter Parts to raise funds for Camp Good Days and Special Times which benefit children  with cancer and their families.

View the FLIWC and Camp Good Days video clip – Click here!

Sharing our custom art labels from our winning wines and ports below:


Head Competition Judges:
The Following International Wine Judges participated in the 2010 Competition:
GERD ANSELMANN GERMANY Administrative Asst. Weingut Werner Anselmann
PETER BECRAFT USA NY Assistant Winemaker, Anthony Road Vineyards
PETER BELL USA NY Winemaker – Fox Run Winery & Miles Winery
DON BOMBACE USA NY Owner, Bombace Wine & Spirits
CARL G. BRANDHORST USA VA President, Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association
JOHN BUECHSENSTEIN CANADA Winemaker and Instructor at UC Davis
RAUL CASTELLANI ARGENTINA International President WAWWJ/President International W&S Competitions
DAVID CREIGHTON USA MI Marketing Director, Indiana Wine & Grape Council
STEVE ELPHICK CA Wine Judge, Photographer
EMILIANO FALSINI ITALY Certified Judge International, Enologo Senior, Matura Enologia
EDWARD FINSTEIN CANADA “The Wine Doctor”, Award-Winning Author, Journalist, Radio/TV Host
WILLIAM FRANK USA NY Wine Consultant, Astor Wines & Spirits
PETER GAMBLE CANADA International Wine Consultant, Owner Winery Argentina
ALAN GOLDFARB CANADA Director of Communications, Tudal Winery/Cerruti Cellars
KATE HARDY AUSTRALIA Professional Specialist, Beverage/Alcohol Law-Nixon-Peabody Law Firm
LORRAINE HEMS USA NY CS, CWE, Lecturer of Wine Studies at Rochester Institute of Tech.
DAVID HENAULT FRANCE Assistant Winemaker at Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne
HOLLY HOWELL USA NY Wine Writer, Democrat & Chronicle – Sommelier NYW&GF Culinary Center
STEVE KAMPERS USA IN Wine Writer, Photographer
LINDA KING USA NC Winemaker at RagApple Lassie Vineyards, NC
EDWARD KORRY USA RI Associate Professor Johnson & Wales, College of Culinary Arts
MATTHEW KRISTOFIK USA PA Certified International Judge, Past Chairman AWS Wine Competition
BOB MADILL USA NY Winegrower, General Manager, Sheldrake Point Vineyard – Simply Red Bistro
DAN MAREK USA TX Wine Owner Divine Divine Winery, Texas – Vintner
JAMES R. MIHALOEW USA OH The Cleveland Wine Line
DONALD MILLER USA NY American Wine Society Certified Judge
SHARI MOGK-EDWARDS CANADA Vice President, LCBO Products Canada
RONALD NOWAK CANADA Founder, Society of Wine Educators
TIM O’CONNOR USA NY Surgeon, Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester
CHRISTOPHER O’GORMAN USA CA Director of Marketing Communications – Merryvale Vineyards
SCOTT OSBORN USA NY Owner, Fox Run Vineyards
JOE PIERCE USA NY Restaurateur
CLAUDIA QUINI ARGENTINA Certified Judge, International Head of Vinandino Wine Competition
W. HARVEY REISSIG USA NY Dept. Entomology – Certified AWS Judge – Wine Writer
TRICIA RENSHAW USA NY Assistant Winemaker, Fox Run Vineyards
JOHN SALVI FRANCE Master of Wine/Wine Writer/Oenologist
PETRONELLA SALVI FRANCE Vino Fino, Wine In Style -Consultant
BRANDON SEAGER USA NY Assistant Winemaker, Red Newt Cellars
ALEX SEBASTIAN USA PA Restauranteur – Wooden Angel Restaurant- Owner
DICK SINGER CANADA Winemaker – Certified International Judge
STEVE SOMERMEYER USA IN Assistant Wine Maker at Chateau Thomas, Indiana
MOISES SPAK ISREAL M.A. Spak Marketing, Mediterranean International Wine & Spirits Competition
RAY SPENCER USA NY Winemaker, Wine Industry Consultant
GEORGE TABOR USA NY Writer and Reporter at Judgement in Paris
ANTONIO VILLACAMPA SPAIN Wine Consultant and Certified Spanish Judge
BONNIE VILLACAMPA SPAIN Master of Oenology, Viticulture and Marketing by UNESCO, Marketing
DICK VINE USA IN Retired Enology Professor/Wine Consultant/Director, Indiana State Fair
PHIL WARD USA NJ Eastern Region Sales Director, Bernard Magrez Grands Vignobles
STEVEN WAYNE USA NY Restauranteur, Wine Industry Consultant
LILYANE WESTON UK Lecturer/Writer”Owlet” Templpan Lane
DAVE WHITING USA NY Owner, Red Newt Wine Cellars
MICHAEL ZITZLAFF AUSTRALIA General Manager and Chief Winemaker at Crushpad

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