Lesser known: Twisted tale (tail?) – wine tasting canine mascot prefers Tempranillo

We enjoy visiting the lesser known winery destinations because as Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher Wine writers of  the Wall Street Journal advise… and we know… THAT is where you experience the uniqueness of smaller wineries and the passion of the winery owners and winemakers (often and hopefully one and the same).

The video we’re posting here proves while wine tasting is a very serious pursuit for wine lovers and those in the business – it can also be humorous and fun.

On our way to WBC09 in Sonoma, a yearly national wine blogging conference,  we stopped in Lodi near Sacramento/Napa and Murphys in the Sierra foothills to visit with winery owners and their tasting room staffers on operations and winemaking. Being winery owners and wine makers ourselves gives us a special level of access that we appreciate as we share discussions on all matters wine and winery.

We (Julie and Dennis, Eagles Nest Winery – Twitter: @eaglesnestwine and Rene & Bill @Cuvee_corner) visited Jeff Srai (AKA “El Jefe” @eljefetwisted) discussed matters winery and toured his hillside Pirate’s – Oops wine cave wine cave for some barrel tasting with the winery’s canine mascot Nacha.

Nacha, our canine escort clearly had a preference for barrel aged Tempranillo as opposed to barrel aged Syrah as can be evidences in the tongue lashings of the wine thief (wine sampling tool). BTW, don’t be alarmed beyond our own, this is one of  the cleanest wine making faculties I’ve looked at.

Jeff’s winery is easy to find west of Murphy’s off the main highway going into town, look for the old barn with the Twisted Oak signs and look for the rubber chickens sticking out of the windows! Visit Twisted Oak Winery’s web site at http://www.twistedoak.com/

You can visit us at Eagles Nest Winery http://eaglesnestwinery.com

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