“Staycation” Poor Economy & high fuel costs encourage close vacations

The uncertainties of today’s economy and high fuel costs are spurring a trend towards shorter vacations that are close to home AKA “staycations.” CAllit a sign of the times. Combine other passions with your visit – golfing, birdwatching, hiking and you have a value-packed mini-vacation.

We all need a break from the work-a-day life and a short, close vacation is just as beneficial and relaxing as a longer one that piles up work in your in-box ironically making returning to work a stressful event.

cottage_viewFor folks in Southern California, Eagles Nest Winery and Cottage offers a luxury wine experience in a Italian, Wine-themed venue complete with vineyards fountains, breathtaking views, and heated whirlpool tub for two.

Eagles Nest Vacation Villa is located only 32 miles or minutes northwest of Downtown San Diego but it’s truly a world apart with its million dollar views, lush vineyards, fountain, and roses. We’re two hours from most of the LA region – and we offer a welcome respite from the warmth of the Arizona summer heat.

sheep_weedingx500Guests are offered a personal tour of the winery and vineyards by the wine maker and vineyard manager.

Visits by the estate’s friendly crew of weed eating Baby Doll Sheep, is a guest favorite as are the Winery’s Catahoula and Sheltie dogs. Wild life lovers are treated to the serene call of Red-Tailed Hawks that majestically soar above.


Special ametities include a wine themed DVD library and flat screen LCD TV, iPod docks, gourmet stainless and granite kitchen with gas stove and outdoor grill.  The whirlpool tub is pictured to the right.

Please visit our Eagles Nest Winery & Cottage website for more photos and information.   Ciao!







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