How many grapes in a bottle of wine, how much wine does a ton of wine grapes produce???

Often folks talk of vineyards in acreage. Due to the variance in planting density (vine spacing and row spacing) trellising systems (e.g. vertical shoot positioning, head pruned/trained), soils, and farming techniques, it’s hard to say exactly how much wine an acre of wine grapes will produce.Grapes

How Many Bottles Grow Here?

Vineyards vary in the spacing of the rows and also between the individual vines. Depending upon age and variety, some are more productive per vine than others, some produce larger clusters of fruit and some yield more juice per pound of fruit. Wine makers and their facilities also vary in the amount of juice they are willing or able to squeeze from the grapes.

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How Many Per…?

GRAPES per bottle               500 – 750
GRAPES per pound              180 – 275
Grapes per Ton                         360,000 – 550,000
CLUSTERS per bottle                                           2 – 25
Clusters-pound                                                        1 – 9
Clusters per ton                                2,000 – 18,000
Pounds grapes per bottle                                 ~2.75
Tons grapes per bottle                  1/720 (720 bottles/Ton)
Clusters per acre of vineyard    3,000 – 18,000
Pounds per acre of vineyard     4,000 – 24,000
Tons per acre of vineyard                                   2 – 12

A Cluster averages                                             40-60 grapes
A Pound of grapes averages                              4.5 clusters
A Ton of grapes averages                                   60 Cases wine
A Bottle of wine averages                                    2.75 lbs grapes.


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  1. Pastor, Mark Ferguson
    May 6, 2012 at 03:20

    Jesus’ miracle of wine in Luke chapter 4. If you get three bottles of wine per gal. then the 6 stone vessels at the wedding feast would have held 540 bottles. At the amount of $150.00 per bottle for the good wine, then the amount would have been $81,000.00 plus tax for a total of $88,290.00. Just a small amount of a miriacle He can do if we only believe who He is through grace
    Pastor, Mark Ferguson

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